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The housing market across America has been accelerating over the past few years, and most cities have managed to pick themselves up and thrive after the recession of the last decade. The other side of the coin, however, shows a harshly competitive urban landscape where new-comers and long-time residents race neck and neck for a place to live in their city of choice.
People in some demographics have a tougher time finding a home than others, though. Being single and looking to live independently limits your choices, that’s simple math, but being a single woman can make matters worse.
Despite much controversy on the issue, study after study has shown women earn significantly less than men, no matter the industry or education level. Likewise, annual incomes are also lower for women, according to the Census Bureau. So when it comes to housing, the largest monthly expenditure, the income gap can potentially translate into a housing gap – making it disproportionately harder for women to afford living alone.

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