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There is such a fun story behind the history of NORAD's Santa Tracker. In 1955 a Sear's advertisement had a typo for a Santa hotline. The incorrect phone number actually went to a secret red phone hotline at CONAD in Colorado Spring, the precursor to NORAD (North American Aerospace Defense Command). That phone number was known only to the President and 2 top military people. When Col. Harry Shoup answered the phone a little child ask him if he was Santa. Thinking this was a joke, he demanded to know who he was talking to. The little boy started to cry and Colonel Shoup realized that the caller was sincere. So with a quick wink, he played along and inquired about whether or not the little boy had been good that year. That started the tradition that now involves 1500 volunteer fielding 140,000 calls to Santa from around the world. Here is the link Norad Santa Tracker

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