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Some sellers want convenience over profits. For those type of sellers, an ibuyer might be a consideration. At the press of a button you can receive an offer from an ibuyer to buy your home.

Of course, it won't be an offer that is top dollar, because you are trading convenience for profit.

When you go to sell your car, there are two major ways you can do it. 1) One is to get your car all spiffied up, place an ad, talk to potential buyers, let those buyers test drive your car, negotiate a price and then do the paperwork to transfer title. 2) Or the more convenient way is to take it to a car dealer and see what they will give you for it. Then THEY hassle with all of the prior tasks. Which method will get you a bigger bank deposit? Which method will be more convenient?

That is similar to the difference between a traditional real estate sale with a knowledgable and qualified realtor guiding you thru the process OR taking an offer from an ibuyer that is much more convenient - but you pay for the convenience.

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Whenever you are ready, here’s some ways that I can help with your real estate goals:

1) Free Access to search the Denver MLS for all homes currently on the market: Denver Home Finder Service Property Search

2) Join me for a home tour - Home tours are Monday thru Saturday at 2:00 pm or 6:00 pm - choose your tour here

3) Request a specific search that sends all the homes that meet your parameters as soon as they come on the market - that way you can beat others to the best homes. Send me an email with "specific search" in the subject line and your wish list - Price range, school district, style, minimum number of bedrooms, etc. - Vickie@DreamsCanHappen.com

4) Receive a Home Loan Report –There are so many different loan programs. Do you need 20% down payment to purchase a home? Are there special programs for first time home buyers? What does CHFA mean? What's the difference between a FHA loan and a Conventional loan? Send me an email - - Vickie@DreamsCanHappen.com with "Home Loan Report" in subject field and I'll send it right over.

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