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Buying a home can be a little complicated if you don’t pay attention. You could get in so far over your head that you end broke, or stuck in a home that’s not a good fit for your lifestyle.

First and foremost, enlist the services of an experienced, successful real estate professional who is dedicated to serving YOU, and you will find such agents at RE/MAX Masters Millennium. So what are some of the questions you should ask before buying a house? To be confident on your journey to buying a home, here are the top questions to ask when buying a house.

1. What’s my housing budget? It is critical that you know how much house you can comfortably afford. Your agent should have a mortgage calculator that you can use.

2. How much are closing costs? This could amount to between 2-5 percent of your home’s purchase price, so it needs to be part of your budget.

3. How much should I save for a down payment? If you can, aim for at least 20 percent. If you can’t, it’s not a good idea to put down any lower than 10 percent.

4. Do I need to save for moving expenses? The agents at RE/MAX Masters Millennium are affiliated with a wide array of professionals in nearly every segment of the home buying and selling process, including movers that are highly skilled and affordable by most standards.

5. Is the location prone to natural disasters? If you’re looking at a high risk area where such disasters as flooding, hurricanes, wildfires, tornados, earthquakes, and other natural disasters might take place, make sure your insurance covers these risks.

6. Are there any problems with the house? You need to get a home inspection from a leading expert to answer this question. Make sure the foundation is stable, that the roof is in good shape, that drainage is adequate, and that the mechanicals (furnace, water heater, air conditioning, etc.) are in decent shape. You should also find out how old the appliances are. You may need another professional to rate the appliances.

7. What’s included when I buy? Find out if the appliances are included, and window coverings, furniture, etc.

8. What are similar homes in the area selling for? This is where a real estate agent comes in real handy. You can also find out the reason the owners are selling the house and how many days it has been on the market.

Other areas that need careful consideration include how you will furnish and decorate, which is another home buying expense that should be considered along with what the neighborhood is like. You should know the quality of the area, how convenient it is to your workplace, family and friends, shopping, how the school district is rated, and is the neighborhood near the entertainment and leisure activities you enjoy.

An experienced real estate broker can help answer all of these questions and more, which will provide you with a certain peace-of-mind when buying a home.

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