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Surprisingly, even if you've owned a home before, you might still qualify for first time home buyer benefits. What? Yup, I'm not pulling your leg... Fannie Mae defines first time homebuyer this way: a mortgage loan applicant who fits all of the following three descriptions:

(1) purchasing the security property,

(2) residing in the security property as a principal residence, and

(3) had no ownership interest (sole or joint) in a residential property during the three-year period preceding the date of the purchase of the security property.

Translated that means if you're thinking about buying a home to live in and you haven't owned a residential home in the last 3 years, you might qualify for first time home buyer benefits.

There are several other ways that you might qualify - the attached article explains some of them or
Gail LaGreca at Nova Home Loans can tell you more about your options and programs you might qualify for. She can be reached at 720-279-5914 or gail.lagreca@novahomeloans.com

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