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This weekend, I had the opportunity to walk through one of the completed 1 bed 1 bath ADU units in the Westwood neighborhood, showcased by West Denver Renaissance Collaborative (WDRC). Part of pilot program aimed at providing more housing to the West Denver neighborhoods. As a home owner about to GC my own ADU on my personal Wheat Ridge home, I have been keeping a close eye on ADUs and was interested to attend the open house, view their product, and chat with members of the WDRC team.

Easing up on Zoning Restrictions
ADUs are currently making headlines as Denver and surrounding municipalities are anticipated to loosen up regulations in local jurisdictions. Even Denver officials, who in the past election cycles that have been seen as power grabbers, recognize that easing up on the reins on Denver Residence by allowing the homeowner to create opportunity in the community is a Win-Win. In the news we are seeing even further steps to allow for more opportunity while loosening restrictions.

Financial Assistant Programs Available
Programs like WDRC are providing financial assistance to homeowners in Denver West by offering credits of up to $35,000 towards eligible building costs, if they meet the program's criteria. Such programs help eligible homeowners create housing in their own backyard. It's worth noting that the $35,000 assistance offered by WDRC towards the build is just one of several incentive programs available. In fact, additional funding opportunities may be available based on the homeowner's AMI, or area median income, rating.

Programs & Contact info
For those interested in learning more about the WDRC program and checking if you qualify, the link is provided below. I found the website to be a great resource. Visitors to the site can zoom into a map search and find out if their property falls within the designated area for the ADU pilot program, as well as find additional information about the program's eligibility requirements, application process, and more.
https://www.mywdrc.org/adu-pilot-program Or send an email to adus@denverhousing.org

Add Value to your Financial Portfolio
By building an ADU that could house a friend or family member, homeowners have a unique opportunity to add significant equity and cash flow to their financial portfolio while also providing affordable housing to a loved one. It truly is a win-win situation for both parties involved. Not only does the homeowner increase the value of their property, but they also create a separate living space for their friend or family member, offering privacy and independence in the very proximity to their support system.

A Step in the Right Direction for Homeless
Building an ADU, even if it is primarily intended for family or friends, can still be a positive step towards addressing the homelessness population crisis. By providing housing to someone in need, homeowners can make a meaningful impact in their own community and contribute to the solution. Every bit of housing helps to alleviate the strain on Denvers neighborhood's. Ultimately, a very small piece of the puzzle to eliminate homelessness in Denver but a step in the right direction.

Watch me in my own personal process of building my own ADU
If you're interested in learning more and want to follow along as I go through my process start to finish building , be sure to watch my videos YouTube. Made my first mistake early on in my first video of thinking that the permitting process would be easy, but as I quickly found out, there are many revisions for to my plans that I still need to provide to Jeffco before my permit is issued. Building an ADU can be a big investment but a massive step in direction of financial independence. Follow my YouTube channel to watch my process while I build an ADU at my home in Wheat Ridge.


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